Slakker Pit Crew

ok ok that was me, i had to lick my dad's goggles clean...but i have
a very good mom forgot to give me the goggle cleaner
stuff. but hey that's dedication at its finest.

Have you ever had a slakker pit crew? Ever pulled into the pits
wondering "hey, where did those guys go?" You're not alone...but
the coolest thing Ive seen at the races is when a pitless (is that a
word?) rider comes through, fully planning to pit for him/herself,
and a group nearby grabs the can, goggles, water, etc., and lends a
hand. Atta boy, girls!

We need to get pics up of some real slakker pit crews. if you have
any you'd like to
here and let me know.
Slakker Pit Crew