We all have spectacular wrecks to tell
about...this is where we will post them. Go
contact us and send us your story. If we
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ps...some pics may not be for the weak of
heart, scroll down slowly.
Here is my story and I'm sticking to it!
I came into the pits in second place in my line/class, but had a mechanical problem. My steering damper rod broke
and Cass and Moto took it apart and put in a new one. I the process Troy Amacker came in behind me in his first BIG
BIKE race and got out ahead of me. Did I mention he is fast and he is like my Nephew? Well, I was having my best
race of the year! Well, I got out and wanted to catch him (Troy) and started to be able to see him in distance, maybe a
1/2 mile or so out there. So.....I was pushing myself to get him when the course started to get real rough in the main
line. I was looking to find a smother line and started to follow the lines that where on either side of the course and YES
it was smoother but.........There was this BIG ASS rock I didn't see. Out of the blue someone put it right in the way and I
hit that thing so flippin hard and over the bars I went! I have never gone over the bars that hard! From impact to the
ground was only about 15 feet! Who ever the guy was that I just passed waited for me to get up and convince him that
I was OK and he could leave. Well, now.........How do I pick up my bike with one arm. I am just now realizing I was hurt
and my shoulder was numb. So with some pain and real effort I got it up and had to ride 5 or so miles to the check
point to get help. Felt like 50 miles!
Thanks RUTS for all of your help in communicating with the finish to get help and to get the EMT's to me for the long
ride back. The guys at that check where a great help! Thank you to Jeremy Whyte for your triage and for me being the
first one to break in the new EMT bag! But I do have a suggestion for all of us who puts those little pain pills in our
pack just in case we crash out there. Be sure you remember what kind of pills they are! I thought I had Vicoden and
Tylenol, so I took 2 of each. Well, I they where not Vocoden, they where Valium, But the ride back was real cool!
Thank Eric Amacker for going out to get my bike. Off to the hospital for a check up to find out it was a class 5
separation of the clavicle. A class 6 would take cadaver tendon to put it back together! All & all MRANN is a great club
from top to bottom, thank you all!
That's my story and I am sticking to it!
See you at the track!
Chris Cassinelli 62x
This story is from one of our LIL SLAKKERS,  Zac Fitch. He is 10 and rides a 65 Kawasaki. He has
been racing since he was 4 years old.

"One day my friend and I were making jumps in my backyard and the first jump we made was out of a
broken ladder and tile. My friend told me to jump it on my 50, so i did. The first couple times it was ok
than the last time my front tire rolled over the first tile and made the front of the tile get stuck in the
ground, then my back tire went on it and it clipped the tile and it shot my back tire into the air. Then I
landed on a nose wheelie and flew threw the air about 20 '. When I hit the ground I landed on my head
then my body. Right when my body hit the ground it flew into the air again and i ended up landing on
the sprinkler system. My mom heard my friend call for her and she helped me get up and get to the
soil sample---------------->
Over The Handlebar Club
...not sure who this guy is, but
he's gonna need a bandaid
Our buddy, Chris Cassinelli, just can't keep out of those hospitals. He even got a real fancy
helicopter ride out of this one! This spectacular wreck was at the Cheaters Oktoberfest race.
He was leading the novice pack when he hit a BFR and wadded up hard. (I know it was a
BFR because the cheaters put it in his truck as a souvenir and we helped put it in his front
yard) Chris managed to snap his femur at the top near his hip. He is doing much better now,
and hopefully he can join us soon. He has volunteered to help ride as an EMT member at
some upcoming races. CHECK OUT THESE X-RAYS!
This "over the handlebars" story was donated by Cody Hanson:
I was riding with my dad, cousin, and two uncles at Georgetown about a year ago. It was rainy
and we were on a really narrow trail that had a pretty shear cliff next to it. Some of you may have
been on it, there was a drainage pipe that ran the length of the trail and was basically all that
kept it from eroding away. My uncles were in front (both on DRZ 400s) and I was right behind
them on a CR 250 when we got to a little rocky stair step that looked pretty slippery. The first
uncle stopped to check it out and the second one didn't. He hit his back wheel, rolled
backwards into my front wheel, put his foot down to the left, and there was nothing there. The
first drop was about twelve feet. The bike landed on top of my uncle and luckily planted him hard
enough so that he stayed put. The bike bounced and continued on...and on and on. It did six or
seven cartwheels down about a 75 degree slope before coming to a stop about 200 feet below
the trail. My uncle was okay and we spent an hour looking for a way to drag it up. We ended up
riding him back double up and coming back the next weekend with lots of rope and a couple
come-alongs to get it out. Needless to say he was pretty distraught that week.

This is a pic of what happens when you get
a little crazy showin' off for the camera!

Our buddy and official member of the
slakker team, Brad Kohler,  was showing
off for the razerx camera at wsra pony
soldier in nixon, April 2006 when he
wrecked and broke his leg.

( i hear that he wrecked pretty bad at
mammoth. We are sorry to hear this and
hope you heal soon)

name = Tyler Kuppenbender

The Virginia City  Grand Prix looked pretty good this
year(got a new bike=D)and I was all pumped to go. So For another annual race
at the Grand Prix all the riders lined up from 1 to about370-80 or so,
anyway when my line came to the start line we were ready, the flag
dropped and i got out in front of about half of the riders give or take,
and down the hill we went... Around the first turn the first creek bed and
a somewhat of a flat i was going against a kx250 at the time and there
was a huge rut ahead with a single file trail behind it and neither of
us was gonna let the other pass... So i jumped on the throttle even
harder well so did he, he got in front, and my front tire clipped his back
tire, well that was enough to make me lose control cause we were in
about 4th or 5th gear, well anyway my front tire just started swerving
then it slammed to the left from a large rock and the bike and i slammed
into the face of the rut/ditch 4-5ft deep witch you were supposed !
To jump cause it had a small lip, anyway I ended up breaking all my
left plastics off(and my visor)except for the back fender and the front
one was barely on.I got a 3rd degree burn on my leg when the bike caught
up to me and  pinned me against the rut side just long enough for the
pipe coming out of the top end burn me then i kicked it off and went to
the side of the trail/track to catch my breath and let the riders behind
me pass.I had some mild bruises and a good burn but my bike had hardly
any plastics left in good condition and the frame was bent.
This is Nathan's
humerus, he broke
it at the Monkey
Butt 100 race in
Yerington, Sept.07